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"J’don, Dred, gear up. We’re going back to the ship." Feron ordered as he stood up, taking the pistol off his hip and inspecting it. He popped out a used thermal clip, quickly replacing it just as the old one clattered to the ground.

"Are you crazy?" Venaya, the asari on their team, nearly shouted at him. She jumped to her feet, careful not to disturb the injured turian she had been tending to. "We lost Kale and Turx out there! If you leave this mountaintop, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it back!"

"Relax kid, no big bad varen is gonna get you from up here." Dred, a heavily scarred krogan, teased as he readied his own weapons. Venaya was just over hundred years old, but Dred was nearly twice her age, something he never let her forget.

She narrowed her eyes at the hulking krogan, purple facial markings scrunching down with her brows. J’don put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, but it only angered the asari more. She jerked away from the dark skinned batarian and sat back on the ground next to Hallik. “There’s only a few more hours until sunset. Get your asses back here before those things wake up.”

"Don’t worry about us, Venaya," Feron strapped his pistol back onto his hip, "We’ll be back before the beasts come out to play." he flashed her a smirk, standing near the edge of the mountain as Dred and J’don were already making their way down. She ignored him though, as his XO she had been around him enough to learn to brush off his sense of humor. Reacting would only give him what he wanted. "Don’t forget to keep the signal open." he reminded, nodding in the direction of his omnitool sitting near Venaya’s weapons. She rolled her eyes at him.

"How will you get back, sir?" Jenson, the other person in his crew he was leaving behind, asked. The human never really spoke much, but he was reliable, and damn good with tech.

Feron grinned, and tapped his right temple, “Eidetic memory.”  Then he was gone, descending down the mountainside after his crew, careful not to send any rocks down on top of their heads.

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Not sure what planet we’re at. Stuck in…


…system. Planning to…


…highest point. Maybe we’ll get a clear message out. No…


…worth a shot. Hope someone out there is listening.



Feron, is that you? 



Finally able to get a damn signal. Glad you managed to pick this up, Liara. Not surprised really, relieved, but not surprised.

Crash landed on some planet in a system in Inner Council Space. Lost a few men when the ship went down, but managed to get the hanar scientists you sent us to rescue in escape pods. If they’re not floating around up there somewhere, I hope someone found them and picked them up.

Headcount is at 6, but Hallik is bleeding pretty bad. Got attacked by some animals last night. Not sure how long the turian will last, especially without any dextro food supplies. Whatever we had burnt up in the ship, and the plants here seem to be levo-based.

I’ll keep this signal open so you can track it. Feron out.